Meet the Winners – 2016

Meet the Anything Is Possible Scholarship 2016 Winners

Garrett Wight, Williamsfield High School (2016)


Garrett, left, with AIPEF Founder Charlie Harned. Garrett is currently playing football at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. 

Founder Charlie Harned on Garrett:

“It’s not often that the kid who loves to build things with LEGOs is also a football, basketball, and baseball star. However, the thing that impressed me most about Garrett’s application was not all of the athletic or academic accolades, of which there were many–it was his incredibly propensity to solve problems. Garrett is a true problem-solver and that is a quality that we at AIPEF really value and respect.”


Makenzie Randle, Galesburg High School North (2016)


 Makenzie, left, with President Sam Tatum. Makenzie is currently attending Carl Sandburg College.

President Sam Tatum on Makenzie:

“This year’s winner of the Sam Harned Scholarship is a student who embodies the very essence of AIPEF. Makenzie Randle is a determined graduate from GHS North whose story enraptured all of us on the Selection Committee when we first heard it. She’s hardworking and incredibly driven. We knew this right away from one glance at her application, but if you need any visual proof, look no further than the video of Makenzie arguing her case in front of a panel of area legislators just a few days ago.

‘My education has changed my life.’ She said, ‘My life. I will be successful now because of my education. It has made me be a person that I thought I could never be.’

Immediately after seeing the video, I forwarded it to Charlie. ‘That is AIPEF right there.’ He said, ‘She captures everything that we’re about.’ I certainly couldn’t agree more.”


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