Meet the Winners – 2017

Meet the Anything Is Possible Scholarship 2017 Winner

Selena Suarez, Galesburg High School (2017)

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Selena Suarez is currently attending Northwestern University.

President Sam Tatum on Selena:

“Selena’s story enraptured all of us on the selection committee. When I read the opening line of Selena’s application, I was blown away. It reads: ‘Amelia Earhart may be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, but I’m the first woman to take Engineering Design at Galesburg High School.’

The rest of Selena’s application exudes the same unwavering confidence captured in her essay. She’s held an internship with a criminal justice law firm here in town, and she’s working another one this summer with a machining manufacturing company. The comparison to Amelia Earhart is apt. Selena is without a doubt a trailblazer.

However, what impressed me most about Selena wasn’t her internships or her academic track record. What impressed me most was her incredible will to succeed. Selena is a go-getter. She knows what she’s passionate about, she knows what invigorates her, and that’s something most students her age cannot say.”


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