Meet the Winners – 2014


Meet the Anything Is Possible Scholarship 2014 Winners

Daniel Smith, ROWVA High School (2014)


Daniel, left, is currently playing baseball at Culver Stockton College

“My name is Daniel Smith, and I am from Victoria, Illinois. In 2014, I was awarded one of two scholarships from the Anything Is Possible Education Foundation. The scholarship has helped me realize my dream of getting a college education–something I never thought possible after the death of my father when I was a young teen. The AIP Education Foundation’s outstanding generosity has allowed me to pursue a degree in finance at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Missouri. While on campus, I have become involved in Chi Alpha youth group, the school newspaper, and the baseball team, none of which might have been possible without the help of AIPEF. As the youngest of four boys, it was easy to follow in my older brothers’ footsteps, yet college has served as a great opportunity to establish my own views and personality, as well as a great reminder that Anything Is Possible.”


Rebecca Vannoy, Galesburg High School North (2014)


Rebecca, with daughter Paris, is studying to become a nursing assistant.

“My name is Rebecca Vannoy. I’m a student at Carl Sandburg College, and I was the winner of the first ever Sam Harned Scholarship put together by the Anything Is Possible Education Foundation. I heard about this scholarship opportunity through the counselor at my high school. I had less than a day to write my essay, but I enjoy talking about my experience of being a mother, while also getting my education, so I decided to give it a shot. When I got the call that I was a winner, I immediately realized that going on to college and furthering my education was one of the smartest decisions I could make. My goal is to become a Registered Nurse, but I first had to take the Certified Nursing Assistant class, which is very expensive for just one class, so this scholarship helped with that. The most important thing I took from this experience is that anything is possible. If you want something, go after it!”

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