Meet the Winners – 2015

Meet the Anything Is Possible Scholarship 2015 Winner


Sylvia Eaves, ROWVA High School (2015)


Sylvia, center, pictured with her grandparents. She is currently attending University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

President and Founder Charlie Harned on Sylvia Eaves:

“Sylvia attended R.O.W.V.A. High School where her favorite subjects
were Sociology and English. At R.O.W.V.A., she was involved in the
jazz band and marching band, the Knox County 4-H Federation and
she sang in the choir. In a few short months Sylvia will be attending
the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

All that transcript stuff aside, she is an inspiring young woman. A
hard worker, passionate about education and very determined,
Sylvia, without doubt, resembles everything we look for when
awarding the scholarship.”



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