Standardized Test Prep

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Standardized Test Prep

tutoringACT and SAT scores are simply one piece of the college application puzzle. By no means does your performance on one test define you. However, the score you receive may very well set you apart from other applicants.

Some people pay hundreds of dollars to sit in a room with fifteen other high school students and simply take a practice ACT exam. We are able to offer free ACT and SAT prep for students on an individual or group basis. If a student is struggling with the math portion of the exam, the best course of action is to receive math-specific tutoring as opposed to a generic ACT prep class. When it comes to college admission, applicants come from all over the country and all over the world. The level of competition today is incredible. We are here to offer the support and tutelage necessary to increase ACT and SAT scores.

For local statistics on the ACT, check out our Why ACT Tutoring page!

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